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Snagged from nerca_beyul, because I was bored.

[1] - List your top 15 celebrity crushes.
[2] - Say which movie/show/thing it was that hooked you, and why you like them so much.
[3] - Supply photos for said people.

Be warned, it's a bit of a weird list. I'm having a weird day. Some of the pics are big, some are small, sorry.

Bonus People: Patrick Troughton and Nicholas Courtney! - Because I couldn't leave them out, but there wasn't room to put them in. Both from old school Doctor Who.

15. Anthony Michael Hall. - That would be The Dead Zone. Even though I don't get to watch it much. Mmm, that coat...

14. Jon Pertwee. - Yes, more old school Who. But, the velvet! And that delicious Time Lord arrogance so perfectly epitomized by Three...

13. Keanu Reeves. - The Matrix. Leather and guns, totally.

12. Hugh Jackman. - X-Men, I think...

11. Nathan Fillion. - Firefly! Hurray!

10. Tom Baker. - Old school Doctor Who! Best Doctor ever! OH the scarf!

9. Richard Dean Anderson. Stargate, naturally. Also some MacGuyver...

8. Hugh Laurie. House! It's his eyes that get me the most...

7. Adrian Paul. Highlander. A very new crush, but GUH!

6. Christopher Eccleston. Doctor Who! The way he moves is just, well, fantastic. Heh.

5. Roger del Gado. More classic Who, I know, but... The Master is the best 'villain' I've ever seen! With the beard, and the gloves, and the tissue compression eliminator!

4. Leonard Nimoy. Star Trek. My first crush ever.

3. David Boreanaz. That'd be Angel first, then Bones. He looks gorgeous in black coats or suits, it doesn't matter!

2. Daniel Craig. Oooh, this was a close second! Saw him first in Casino Royale, then in Layer Cake.

1. David Tennant. EEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! Er... saw him first in Casanova, but only because I heard he was going to be in Doctor Who. *falls over from Death by Squee*

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